TECNOPROYEC has linked its good name with the highest quality levels, focused on searching for the best solutions and satisfaction of its clients.

Tecnoproyec compromise with the quality is supported by the company´s direction and organization as a way to guarantee the competitiveness, successful and leadership in the Spanish engineering and it´s expansionary scope.

Quality is an objective that is intended to permeate all aspects of our work to ensure growth and TECNOPROYEC technological progress and the promotion and career of its human resources which constitute its fundamental capital.

Therefore, TECNOPROYEC renews its commitment to develop its Quality Policy through the following principles:

  • Take into account the legislation and regulation application and any other requirements about this.
  • Incentivate the permanent training and personal improvement of all the members of the company.
  • Meet all the client´s requirements to suit all their necessities and expectations.
  • Integrate the collaborator and sub-contractors in the quality and environment management.
  • Encaminando el Sistema a la Gestión por Procesos como elemento imprescindible para la consecución de sus fines.
  • Incluyendo en toda la Planificación de Obras, Estudios y Proyectos que realiza TECNOPROYEC consideraciones, estudios y diseños ambientalmente orientados, que tengan en cuenta tanto las futuras fases de construcción como de explotación.
  • Develop a continuing program of quality control in activities, products and services proportionate.