The Company

TECNOPROYEC S.L established in Logroño in 1994. After more than eighteen years of intense activity, TECNOPROYEC has become one of the most important engineering companies in the north of Spain. Business here is focused on civil engineering, roads and urbanization projects, always taking into account the damage in the environment.

Tecnoproyec develops its activity mainly within the Spanish frontier but lately, it has adopted an expansionary international policy with recent projects in Equatorial Guinea and Colombia.

What TECNOPROYEC has been looking all along its activity is to find their clients’ confidence with works which suit perfectly their necessities and within the stipulated terms making possible the awesome improvement as in infrastructures as in Spanish citizens life.

All these activities have a high compromise with the environment and sustainable development. Because of this commitment with the environment, is Tecnoproyec bet for the use of renewable energy and the energetic efficiency, betting for the use of hybridisation between mini wind and solar power for the electric supply in public lighting with led lamps.

Tecnoproyec technical team, graduated in many disciplines, is able to approach any kind of civil engineering or environmental task with a high quality guarantee and in the specified terms. It also counts with the newest technological and computer media.

TECNOPROYEC holds the Certificate of Quality Assurance ISO 9001, demonstrating its strong commitment to quality in all its work.